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PROJECT CARS. Epic WIN! Racing At Laguna Seca With An Aston Martin Vantage. 8-Core FX-9590 5GHz…

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Let’s play PROJECT CARS on the ‘DREAM computer’ with commentary. Playing with an Aston Martin Vantage GT12 on Laguna Seca. Different cars with two laps. First lap starts at 0:004 Second lap starts at 2:02 Finish line at 3:42 Replay w/ different camera angle starts at 3:52…

– DREAM computer playing the game VIDEO and specs HERE:
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ACE COMBAT: ASSAULT HORIZON Enhanced Edition. Ultra Settings on PC. Second Impressions

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Let’s play Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition for PC on Ultra Settings, HD on the ‘DREAM computer.’ Playing the combat flight simulator on a 8-core AMD FX-9590 4.7GHz CPU. 32GB of RAM. SSD. Two AMD GPUs. Ultra settings on Steam with a flight stick, joystick. CHECK Title at 0:07 Gameplay starts at 0:30 Flying over the oil fields 8:40 Dogfight across the facilities at 19:00 Fast passed dogfight and parachute at 21:20 Score at 28:16
– DREAM computer playing the game VIDEO here:
– ACE COMBAT: Assault Horizon PART 1 VIDEO here:

HAWKEN First Impressions. Gameplay. Ultra Settings On A FX-9590 8-Core CPU. Two GPUs. 32 GB RAM PC

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Playing HAWKEN. Mech game available from Steam. First Impressions. Commentary. Cinematic intro and deathmatch gameplay. Playing on the ‘DREAM computer’ For  PC specs check VIDEO: