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UNBOXING. HOW TO USE The Katana Mavic Tray For Hand-Held Use w/ DJI Mavic Drone Camera. Tutorial.

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On Today’s video we unbox the Polar Pro Katana Mavic Hand Held Tray and then we show you how to use it with the DJI Mavic Pro camera drone and a smart phone. The gimbal and stabilizer work as a steady cam and will make smooth stable camera movement and better footage. DIY Tutorial. Step by step.

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Strike Suit Zero: Full HD. Ultra Settings on an Eight-Core FX-9590 Processor PC.

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Let’s play Strike Suit Zero for PC on the Dream computer. Ultra settings at 1080p. Intro at 0:14 Menus at 2:53 Mission starts at 3:19 Strike Suit at 5:59 Cutscene 6:16 Next cutscene at 13:13
– DREAM Computer that is running the game VIDEO:
– Playing Strike Suit Zero on three monitors VIDEO:

PROJECT CARS. Epic WIN! Racing At Laguna Seca With An Aston Martin Vantage. 8-Core FX-9590 5GHz…

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Let’s play PROJECT CARS on the ‘DREAM computer’ with commentary. Playing with an Aston Martin Vantage GT12 on Laguna Seca. Different cars with two laps. First lap starts at 0:004 Second lap starts at 2:02 Finish line at 3:42 Replay w/ different camera angle starts at 3:52…

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HAWKEN First Impressions. Gameplay. Ultra Settings On A FX-9590 8-Core CPU. Two GPUs. 32 GB RAM PC

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Playing HAWKEN. Mech game available from Steam. First Impressions. Commentary. Cinematic intro and deathmatch gameplay. Playing on the ‘DREAM computer’ For  PC specs check VIDEO:

Food of the FUTURE: Comparison. Test. How to prepare Soylent 2.0 and Soylent 1.5 info. DIY. Vegan

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In this video we present the food of the future that is Soylent: Soylent 2.0 and Soylent 1.5. We explain what they are, we compare offerings and we show you how to prepare it as well as test it…


3 NEW Videos and Announcement !! March 2016. Giveaway Winner. New Giveaway, Videos and more..

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March 2016. State of ZeroZeroX. Exciting announcements. Giveaways. NEW VIDEOS and more. CHECK IT OUT!!!
1K+ Subscribers, 1 Million+ Views… PROJECT HONEY BADGER!

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How to Use and Pair Stereo Bluetooth Headphones. GIVEAWAY 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!

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Giveaway!! 1K subscribers! In this video we show you how to pair Stereo Bluetooth Headphones or stereo headsets and how to use them. Intro at 0:01 Giveaway info at 0:20 Overview at 0:45 How to pair (fastest way) at 1:25 How to pair trough settings at 2:38
GIVEAWAY INFO: Open to the United States; All continental states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Music by: Pablo Cabrera
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Food Of the Future: Soylent 1.5 Unboxing and Preparing The Completely Vegan Powder.

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In this video we explain the food of the future that is Soylent 1.5 powder. Unboxing it at 0:12 Preparing it at 2:15 Completely vegan, meal replacement.
Music by: Pablo Cabrera
Song: Who Shot Waldo
Band: A MARC Train Home
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Folding. How To Fold. Protein Folding. What is it? Folding@Home.

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Folding with folding@home. How to start. Help combat illnesses. Help the research to find cures.
Also available for Android phones and Linux.

Song: Alouta.
Band: Older Notes.
Music by: Pablo Cabrera and Andy Tran.

Unboxing Soylent. How To Prepare It. Food Of The Future.

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Unboxing Soylent complete powder and oil blend, one month’s worth of it. Soylent 1.2 has no animal products. How to prepare it. Benefits and Information.

From The Soylent Release Notes, Booklet:

Dear Customer,

The powder you now behold is more than meets the
eye. This mix of mass, energy, and information is the
staple food of the future. Refined, robust, and efficient,
Soylent is food that works. And it would not be
here if not for you.

You are a vital member of the network that transformed
Soylent from information to matter, from idea to flesh.
Your contribution and support make you an integral
part of Soylent, the structures of which are soon to
become an integral part of you.

Remember every sip of Soylent is a tiny gratuity toward
producing food ephemerally, toward reducing health
disparity, toward answering questions about our food
and ourselves that have gone unanswered for too long.

If you are what you eat you may now consider yourself
healthy and practical.
Soylent, like life itself, is in a continual state of change
and improvement and we need your input to make it
ever better.

Thank you for ordering, and do stay in touch.

Rob Rhinehart
CEO Rosa Labs

Song: It’s Easier To Make A Mess
Band: A MARC Train Home
Music by: Pablo Cabrera
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Unboxing and How To Change The Visor On An Icon Airmada Helmet. Tutorial.

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Icon Armada Helmet: Changing the visor at 3:39 Unboxing at 0:15

Music by: Pablo Cabrera
Song: Disasters
Band: A Marc Train Home
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