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Newest Pagani: Huayra Racing At Laguna Seca At Night On PROJECT CARS. AMD FX-9590 PC. HD. 60FPS

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PC Gaming. Let’s play PROJECT CARS at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca at night with the Pagani Huayra hyper car. HD 1080p at 60 FPS. Start of the race at 0:04 Second lap at 2:07 Replay at 3:23 MORE:

DREAM Computer PC running the game SPECS:

Current ‘DREAM computer’ specs and parts running the game on PC PART PICKER here:

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Ultra Realistic. PROJECT CARS for PC. Race With The SCION FR-S. The FT-86 DRIFTING at Brands Hatch. HD

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Let’s play Project Cars. Racing at Brands Hatch with the Scion FR-S. Drifting and winning the race on the ‘DREAM computer’ in full HD.
Second lap at 2:14 Replay first Lap at 4:24 Replay second Lap at 6:34
DREAM computer specs, parts and overview video HERE:
ULTIMATE computer setup video HERE:

Current ‘DREAM computer’ specs and parts running the game at PC PART PICKER here:

PROJECT CARS. Epic WIN! Racing At Laguna Seca. Aston Martin Vantage:
PROJECT CARS: Epic Win! 5760 x 1080 Resolution 60 FPS on Three Monitors with Ariel Atom:
PROJECT CARS: Pagani Huayra in A Thunderstorm. Racing at 1080p:
Project CARS Released! Ultra Realistic Driving Simulator on A FX-9590:




Strike Suit Zero: Full HD. Ultra Settings on an Eight-Core FX-9590 Processor PC.

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Let’s play Strike Suit Zero for PC on the Dream computer. Ultra settings at 1080p. Intro at 0:14 Menus at 2:53 Mission starts at 3:19 Strike Suit at 5:59 Cutscene 6:16 Next cutscene at 13:13
– DREAM Computer that is running the game VIDEO:
– Playing Strike Suit Zero on three monitors VIDEO:

ACE COMBAT: ASSAULT HORIZON Enhanced Edition. Ultra Settings on PC. Second Impressions

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Let’s play Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition for PC on Ultra Settings, HD on the ‘DREAM computer.’ Playing the combat flight simulator on a 8-core AMD FX-9590 4.7GHz CPU. 32GB of RAM. SSD. Two AMD GPUs. Ultra settings on Steam with a flight stick, joystick. CHECK Title at 0:07 Gameplay starts at 0:30 Flying over the oil fields 8:40 Dogfight across the facilities at 19:00 Fast passed dogfight and parachute at 21:20 Score at 28:16
– DREAM computer playing the game VIDEO here:
– ACE COMBAT: Assault Horizon PART 1 VIDEO here:

3 NEW Videos and Announcement !! March 2016. Giveaway Winner. New Giveaway, Videos and more..

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March 2016. State of ZeroZeroX. Exciting announcements. Giveaways. NEW VIDEOS and more. CHECK IT OUT!!!
1K+ Subscribers, 1 Million+ Views… PROJECT HONEY BADGER!

YouTube Channel:


Music by: A MARC Train Home
Song: Little Queasy
Web Site:

How to Use and Pair Stereo Bluetooth Headphones. GIVEAWAY 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!

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Giveaway!! 1K subscribers! In this video we show you how to pair Stereo Bluetooth Headphones or stereo headsets and how to use them. Intro at 0:01 Giveaway info at 0:20 Overview at 0:45 How to pair (fastest way) at 1:25 How to pair trough settings at 2:38
GIVEAWAY INFO: Open to the United States; All continental states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Music by: Pablo Cabrera
Song: Dangerous History
Band: A MARC Train Home

Unboxing And Showing The Corsair AX1200i 1200W 80+ Platinum Digital ATX Power Supply.

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Unboxing the AX200i ATX power supply with DSP and Corsair link. 1200W efficient 80+ platinum certified.Digital.

Song: FM
Music by: Pablo Cabrera
Download at:

Unboxing And Showing The SilverStone USB 3.0 Front Bay Memory Card Reader.

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SilverStone premium 3.5″ front bay card reader with SDXC and USB 3.0 unboxing and showing.

Music by: Pablo Cabrera.
Song: Coarse Hairs.
Band: A Marc Train Home.
Download at:

Unboxing and Showing the ASUS External USB 3.0 12x Blu-ray writer. Features.

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Unboxing of the 12x external Blu-ray writer by ASUS. This one is USB 3.0. Features; It is backwards compatible. It plays and writes DVDs and CDs. More.

Music by: Pablo Cabrera.
Song: Leopard Pillow.
Band: A Marc Train Home.
Download at:

Unboxing The Blue Microphone: Nessie Adaptive USB Mic. Features.

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This is the unboxing of the Blue Nessie USB adaptive microphone with three modes, headphone output and adaptive sound modeling. Testing.

Music by: Pablo Cabrera
Band: A Marc Train Home
Song: Leopard Pillow
Download at:

Dream Computer Setup: Three Monitors. Test Driving the SimRaceWay SRW-S1 Steering Wheel. Ultimate.

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How to set up and test 3 monitors with Eyefinity. Test driving the accelerometer steering wheel SimRaceWay SRW-S1 by SteelSeries.

2013 Ultimate Video Editing And Gaming PC. Computer Setup.

1 Samsung 27″ LED backlit LCD monitor w/ HDMI 1920×1080 Resolution.
2 Samsung 23″ LED backlit LCD monitors w/ VGA and HDCP DVI 1920×1080 Resolution.

Steering wheel:
SimRaceWay SRW-S1 by SteelSeries. Using at 6:38

Scorpius Platform:
AMD FX Processor 8-Core 3.1 Ghz w/ Bulldozer Architecture (Unlocked.)
ASUS AMD Radeon HD7770 2GB GDDR5 GHz Edition Video Card (Factory Overclocked.)
AMD 9 Series Motherboard Chipset on a M5A99X EVO ATX AM3+ Motherboard.
AMD Entertainment Edition 8 Gb DDR3-1333 RAM Memory.
OCZ Vertex 3 Series 120GB SSD SuperSpeed and
OCZ Agility 3 Series 60GB Internal Solid State Drives.
1 TB Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive.
LG 12X Blu-ray Drive-R 2X BD-RE 12X Super Multi Blue with 3D Playback.
NZXT Sentry-2 5.25″ Touch Screen Fan Controller.
4 LED 120mm fans and 1 Fox-1 System Blower for cooling.
5.1 Surround Sound.
Windows 8 Pro.
Sony Vegas Pro 10.

AVATAR PC on a Clear Case Running Android OS.
Ubuntu Linux in a USB flash drive.

Music by Pablo Cabrera:

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Game Download:

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