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NEW Interactive Intro And GIVEAWAY!! Find Out What and How!

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Unveiling our brand NEW interactive intro and announcing our latest giveaway. Find out how you can win a… wait for it. Nah, you are just gonna have to watch the whole video above. Good try tho. Then you can read the description : ]
MUSIC by: Pablo Cabrera @ and
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Ultimate Vintage Metal/Hardcore Bi-Amp Guitar Rig with Pablo.

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Get tones similar to that of Converge or Black Sabbath. Rock and roll!

Gear used:

– 1976 Ibanez Artist 2618 with Gibson 1960 Reissue Les Paul pickups from the 80s (Drop C Tuning)

– Custom 5-way passive audio splitter

– Ibanez SM7 Smash Box thru Marshall 1987 clone by Stu-Daddy amps made in ’05 (post-phase inverter master volume mod) thru Marshall Mode Mour MF280 cab with Celestion Vintage 30MF speakers mic’d with Shure PG56

– Emma ReezaFRATzitz thru Vox AC100CP thru Mesa Oversized Straight cab with Vintage 30 speakers mic’d with Heil PR30

– Behringer ADA8000 Pre-amp and analog-digital converter thru old-school Frontier Dakota PCI soundcard, running Cubase 5 on old-school Windows XP Professional.

– Voice mic is an MXL 990 with Nady pop filter.

– Compression used: Stillwell Rocket for voice, Stillwell Bombardier thru Stillwell Event Horizon for master bus. Really awesome cheap VST plug-ins! No EQ or reverb or anything else other than compression/limiting.


Music by: A Sense Of Urgency
Song: Ducks
Recorded by: Pablo Cabrera