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Unboxing The XFX Pro Series 1050W Power Supply. Features.

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Unboxing and showcasing The Black Edition 1050 Watts XFX Pro Series Power Supply. 80+ Gold Certified. Full Modular.

Music by: Pablo Cabrera.
Song: Melancolic Alcoholic.
Band: A Marc Train Home.
Download at:

Kudos to Target Stores again for their electric car charging stations.

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What car is this?

Gran Turismo 5 and The Acura NSX. What is not to like?

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Fisker Karma. A Plug-in Hybrid Super Car With Four Doors.

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Spotted these Hybrid Super Cars for sale. Fisker Karma, two of them at a car dealer in Fairfax, VA.

More about the four door:

Super Bowl Commercials!

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To learn more about this hybrid super car check Tumblr here: