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Ultra Realistic. PROJECT CARS for PC. Race With The SCION FR-S. The FT-86 DRIFTING at Brands Hatch. HD

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Let’s play Project Cars. Racing at Brands Hatch with the Scion FR-S. Drifting and winning the race on the ‘DREAM computer’ in full HD.
Second lap at 2:14 Replay first Lap at 4:24 Replay second Lap at 6:34
DREAM computer specs, parts and overview video HERE:
ULTIMATE computer setup video HERE:

Current ‘DREAM computer’ specs and parts running the game at PC PART PICKER here:

PROJECT CARS. Epic WIN! Racing At Laguna Seca. Aston Martin Vantage:
PROJECT CARS: Epic Win! 5760 x 1080 Resolution 60 FPS on Three Monitors with Ariel Atom:
PROJECT CARS: Pagani Huayra in A Thunderstorm. Racing at 1080p:
Project CARS Released! Ultra Realistic Driving Simulator on A FX-9590:




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